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Ceraquench Repair Cream

with Ceramides, Co-enzyme Q10, Retinol and Vitamin C.

Vegan ✔ 365 day guarantee ✔ Cruelty-free ✔ Paraben-free ✔

    • A ceramide-rich repair cream. Ceraquench contains 2% ceramides and the technology we use has been proven to increase cutaneous elasticity by 25% and decrease microwrinkles by 22% (after 30 days).
    • Ceraquench has a lovely, rich texture. Easy to rub-in, and super-hydrating. All the oils we use in the formula are organic - including rosehip, jojoba and argan oil.
    • Also contains stabilised retinol and coenzyme-Q10 - both of which can reduce the signs of ageing.
    • An unbelievable anti-oxidant formulation of stabilised vitamin c, ferulic acid and vitamin e get to work on dullness while fighting free-radicals that can cause skin damage.
    • Natural - paraben-free, no silicones, polyethylene glycols (PEGS) or mineral oils and not tested on animals.

    Ceraquench is our new rich ceramide cream. Formulated to repair and renew the epidermal barrier, it's got a high-strength dose of ceramides along with co-enzyme q10. All the oils are organic - and we also include stabilised vitamin c, retinol and hyaluronic acid.

    Skin type suitability

    Most skin types. Especially great for dehydrated and more mature skin - use as a day cream or a night cream..

    Active Ingredients
    Argan Oil
    A touch of magic from Morocco, argan oil is what happens when some of nature’s most powerful ingredients get together. Oleic acid, vitamin E, anti-oxidants and ferulic acid work together to leave you with soft, healthy-looking skin.
    Ceramides / Olive Glycerides
    Fat-soluble lipids derived from plant cells that improve cutaneous elasticity and improve microwrinkles with visible results in as little as 60 minutes.
    Ferulic Acid
    The best thing that ever came from bran, ferulic acid is a powerful anti-oxidant that prevents free-radical damage and stabilises essentials like vitamin E.
    Hyaluronic Acid
    A humectant, it draws water to the surface of your skin, keeping it soft, supple, and healthily hydrated. It’s also a helpful way to make sure other ingredients penetrate deep into the epidermis.
    Jojoba Oil
    A natural emollient oil extracted from the Jojoba seed by mechanical pressing. Jojoba oil is actually a wax!
    Retinol’s the ultimate in anti-ageing. It’s a wrinkle-reducing, pore-tightening, fine-line-softening substance – and an excellent way to repair damaged skin. This product uses Retinyl Palmitate - a stable ester of retinol that can be stabilised with Vitamin E instead of BHT.
    Shea Butter
    An luxurious emollient and super-rich source of anti-oxidants.
    Vitamin C
    A stable form of vitamin c, sodium ascorbyl phosphate has been shown to brighten skin.
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is a clever fat soluble vitamin that hydrates and repairs your skin, leaving it full and fresh.
  • After cleansing apply a small amount of cream to your face and fully rub in.
  • Aqua, glycerin (humectantn), butryospermum parkii (shea butter) fruit, glyceryl stearate SE (emulsifer), argania spinosa (argan) kernel oil (organic), olea europaea (olive) fruit oil (organic), simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil (organic), olive glycerides, cetyl alcohol (coconut-derived fatty acid), stearic acid (coconut-derived fatty acid), rosa moschata (rosehip) fruit oil (organic), tocopherol (natural vitamin e), retinyl palmitate (stabilised retinol), panthenol (vitamin b5), sodium ascorbyl phosphate (stabilised vitamin c), sodium levulinate (preservative from sugar cane), sodium anisate (preservative from star anise), sodium hyaluronate (sodium salt of hyaluronic acid), ceramide 3 (plant lipids), ubiquinone (coenzyme q10), lactic acid (aha acid), ferulic acid (rice-derived anti-oxidant), xanthan gum (rheology modifier), glyceryl caprylate (emollient).
  • ColourCream/Yellow (unfragranced).
    ContainerEcocert airless pump, fully recyclable
    Rheology / GlideLight cream, easily absorbed.
    Odour Neutral.
    Sulphate / SLS free / PEG free

4.75 Average

89 Reviews


Love it! Have been using for 2 months now and think my skin has improved.


This is such a nourishing moisturiser, it feels lovely on the skin, soaks in well on its own, and you wake up with smooth, plump and hydrated skin. You feel a genuine difference in your skin in a few days, as if this is exactly the kind of care it needs. It has all the igredients your skin barrier needs to stay healthy or be repaired and isnt irritating one bit. I wont go without it.

hina sohrab

A very good moisturiser. I apply it over the Regena C20 serum and can feel the great effect.

Pornpimon Sarabun

Use this twice a day morning and evening..I felt really good for my face ..less wrinkles and you can see the results in 1 week it's amazing...good job!!


Great as a day and night cream.

Snehita Joshi

Lovely cream that works well in my skin care regime. I liked it so much, I convinced my mum to use it. She has mature dry skin and the difference in a week is obvious to see.

Rebecca Lusted

Amazingly nourishingly on my skin. Small amount needed and within days my skin improving. Rebecca x


Fiona mcbride

Marita Irene Jahr

I love this cream! Makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth, and although it felt a little heavy and like it wouldn't absorb properly at first, I simply had to adjust the amount. A little goes a very long way. 10/10 will stock up on this!

Susan Beech

This cream does what it says it does. It feels wonderful when I apply it, and hydrates my skin beautifully. My skin looks brighter and much smoother. I am 66 years old and am new to looking after my skin. I had tried other lotions at times during my life, but they promised the earth and did nothing. FACETHEORY DELIVERS. Everything I have bought from Facetheory has delivered.


Super moisturizing cream - when I use it at night my face feels really soft and hydrated in the morning. Would definitely order again


I am delighted with this product! Have been using for just over a month now and can see a definite improvement in my skin already.

Jenny Norrgård

I use it as a night cream . Makes my skin soft and smooth, and in the morning it's still there, so does it's work the entire night through. Have not used it long enough yet to evaluate its effect on wrinkles, but it's one of the best night creams I've used just out of a moisture point of view.

Jane Newman

Pauline Smith

Only used it for two days so far but seems excellent. Rich, take a little massaging in but not greasy. Would by again but is fairly expensive for Face Theory . Reasonable compared to some of course but hope prices dont start to creep up now that the company is more widely known.

Anna Robertson Davis

This cream feels moisturizing on the skin. I am using it primarily as an eye cream and occasionally as a full face cream. It feels lovely on the skin. Big fan of Face Theory products.


Sasha Hamstead

This is a rich cream. Mine is unscented. I wish it were scented like other products I have in the range. I use this on days in need extra moisturiser e.g. night time.

katie Baker

This is a great everyday moisturiser. the smell isn’t the nicest but that’s because there’s no nasty products to inflame your skin. 10/10



My skin feels hydrated and soft. A little goes quite a long way.


Brilliant moisturiser. Makes my late 30s skin look great, smooth and I use it with serum underneath and eye cream at night. Been using since it came out after switching from M1. Don't know how much it reduces extra wrinkles but I get comments on how great my skin looks so I'm happy. Just wish I could return the plastic bottles for reuse or similar.

debra scott

Love this product skin feels hydrated


This is a lovely cream to use and makes my skin feel soft and smooth but too early to know whether I will see any improvement in skin texture


Julie Pocock

Bev Scammell

Feels lovely on the skin, great dispenser.

Teresa Gluckstein

No irritation to my eyes which is always a problem with other products very good

Rosa Suarez Ortiz

My skin looks better since I use it

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