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Cera-C Pore Reducing Toner

with Niacinamide, Ceramides, Vitamin C and Aloe Vera.

Vegan ✔ 365 day guarantee ✔ Cruelty-free ✔ Paraben-free ✔

    • Reformulation alert! Orders placed on 24 September or later will benefit from our new silky formulation.
    • A lightweight toner formulated to refine and reduce enlarged pores. 5% Niacinamide (vitamin b3) and ceramides work to reduce skin oxidation, restore elasticity, make skin less oily and minimize pore size.
    • Ceramide is a lipid found in the skin which holds skin cells together, acting as a protective layer to retain moisture. It is lost during ageing and exposure to environmental factors. Cera-C will replenish these natural lipids - restoring your skin's natural balance.
    • Panthenol (viamin b5) is hygroscopic and helps skin absorb moisture.
    • Stabilized vitamin c at a skin-friendly pH lightens and brightens and fights acne bacteria.
    • Sodium lactate hydrates skin and aloe vera and vitamin e soothes. Lactic acid (AHA) further brightens uneven skin.
    • Natural - vegan, paraben-free, no sillicates, polyethylene glycols (PEGS) or mineral oils and not tested on animals. Made in the UK.
    • Concentrated and long-lasting, 200ml of this toner offers exceptional value.

    Cera-C is our new toner formulated specifically to reduce enlarged pores. Cera-C contains niacinamide (also known as niacin) and a ceramide complex along with vitatmin c to brighten and aloe vera to soothe.

    Active Ingredients
    Aloe Vera
    An antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in one, great for soothing sore patches, relaxing spots, and even protecting from harsh UV rays.
    Ceramides help restore cutaneous skin elasticity and helps skin to appear more smooth. Our ceramides are delivered in a natural olive base.
    Hyaluronic Acid
    A humectant, it draws water to the surface of your skin, keeping it soft, supple, and healthily hydrated. It’s also a helpful way to make sure other ingredients penetrate deep into the epidermis.
    Lactic Acid
    An alpha hydroxy acid lactic acid exfoliates cells on the surface of skin.
    Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide is a hero ingredient to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.
    Pantethenol (Vitamin B5)
    Panthenol is a humectant that gets to work on the stratum corneum to help reduce redness and itching.
    Vitamin C
    An essential anti-oxidant, vitamin C protects event the most sensitive skin against UV damage. The vitamin C in Cera-C is stabilized and will not react with niacinamide.
    Vitamin E
    A fat you can make friends with. Vitamin E is a clever fat soluble that hydrates and repairs your skin, leaving it full and fresh.
  • Spread a few drops onto a cotton pad and apply to a cleansed face.
  • aqua, propanediol (humectant derived from corn syrup), niacinamide (vitamin b3), sodium ascorbyl phosphate (stabilized vitamin c), lactic acid (ph adjuster / aha), glycerin (humectant), sodium lactate (natural moisturising factor), polyglyceryl-6 caprate (vegetable-derived emulsifier), polyglyceryl-3 cocoate (vegetable-derived emulsifier), polyglyceryl-4 caprate (vegetable-derived emulsifier), polyglyceryl-6 ricinoleate (vegetable-derived emulsifier), panthenol (vitamin b5), sodium levulinate (preservative derived from sugar cane), sodium anisate (preservative derived from star anise), aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice (hydration), glyceryl caprylate (emollient), tocopherol (natural vitamin e), xanthan gum (stabilizer), olive glycerides (olive fatty acids), ceramide 3 (plant ceramides).

  • pH5.0
    TextureThin opaque alcohol-free fluid.
    Packaging Amber glass bottle
    Sulphate-free / SLS-free

4.41 Average

153 Reviews


Orabelema Sekibo

Very lightweight and sinks right into skin. pores notably reducing over time

Tonicha-Mai Patterson

really love this toner has made a big difference to my complexation, it sinks in so well and isn't sticky at all perfect for both day time and night time after cleansing

Grace Holloway

I’ve noticed a massive difference in pore size and they look a lot less congested

Anne Noble

I have problem skin and between this and other products I use from Facetheory, my skin is in much better condition. I can afford to buy a few at a time because the products do not break the bank. I have never found products as good as these before and will be sticking with them.


Very nice hydrating toner with the best ingredients.


Ciarra Graham

This makes my skin feel so soft and clean without making my skin feel tight. I can’t go without using it now!!!

Victoria Jones

This product has definitely helped with blocked pores and blackheads; particularly on my chin she cheeks. I don’t love the texture but I have seen a definite improvement in my skin since I introduced it into my routine.



I love this toner, gives you a nice radiance with one wipe. Skin feels nice and clean.


Marina Löbig


Didn't like this toner. Wasn't strong enough and didn't seem to do anything special for my oily skin. Won;t buy it again.



I really like this toner and I feel like it has made a huge difference for my skin! It's looking so much more clearer and smoother.

Jacqueline Harley

My skin has evened out and my friends say that I’m glowing


Amanda Shackleton

It does make your skin sticky after use but does seem to be working and doesn't dry my skin out like previous toners I have used.

Elena Cacciapuoti

My skin feels really clean and fresh after using it. If used on freshly squeezed spots it stings really much! The bottle is in glass which made my really happy. I’ll reuse this bottle by putting soap in the zero waste shop!

Sarah Ruffin

I have been using this toner for about three weeks now and I have seen a noticeable change in my skin. It is clearer, softer and much more even in texture. Would highly recommend this toner!

Chiara Chinappi-Harajewicz

Susan Samuel

I now have my second bottle of Cera C pore reducing serum. Open the cap & there is a dedicated dispenser which is very easy to use. This product is easy to use & feels it is cleaning my skin. My pores are not drying out so are not recepticals for flaky skin which partly cause pores to enlarge. I am very happy with the results.


I wasn't sure about this toner at first but I figured out it was because I was using too much. I felt that it was leaving a sticky residue on my face and everything applied after it felt sticky. Once I started using less and applied with a cotton pad it made my skin feel softer and I no longer had the sticky feel at all.


Visibly smaller pores in a few days

Aine Moore

Really been enjoying using this toner. Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry, and has been helping a lot with any breakouts. A small bit goes a long way!

Grace Hogan

Nice packaging, a little difficult to pump the right amount out though. So far skin feels a lot smoother!


Doesn't make my skin dry like other glycolic acid toners


Definitely tightens and reduces appearance of pores and skin looks more glowy

James Bye

The product is too sticky which can cause your face to feel greasy, but works affectively.

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