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Tendertouch Bamboo Face Cloths (3 per pack) - 100% Organic Bamboo.

Vegan ✔ 365 day guarantee ✔ Cruelty-free ✔ Paraben-free ✔

  • These 100% bamboo 25cm x 25cm organic face cloths make a perfect partner for our cleansers and exfoliators. They are baby-soft and fabulous for really sensitive skin. 

    • Produced in China - the home of bamboo! Tendertouch Bamboo Cloths are unbelievably gentle, natural, and are 100% bamboo fibre - a very natural, versatile and sustainable crop that requires the absolute minimum of chemical processing. These cloths are suitable for use on the most sensitive and delicate skin and make a great wash cloth for babies too.
    • Tendertouch Bamboo Cloths can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle, or hand washed if you prefer. At the end of their lives Tendertouch Bamboo Cloths are completely biodegradable and will decompose in an organically friendly manner. Bamboo requires little to no pesticide during production (unlike cotton) - so not only are these cloths supremely gentle they also have a minimal impact on the environment.
    • If you have dry, sensitive or allergey-prone skin, we recommend bamboo cloths instead of cotton muslins. They're softer and less abrasive and great to use with a gentle cream cleanser such as Facetheory Gentle Cream Cleanser. Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool - a more soft and luxurious feel.
    • Perfectly sized at 25cm x 25cm. A great size for a face flannel.
  • We recommend you wash our bamboo cloths on the slowest spin speed at 40 degrees to maintain their quality (or you can just wash by hand). Make sure you use a gentle liquid or soap to preserve their quality.

4.84 Average

225 Reviews

Seneque James

Super soft face cloth on skin, the fact that it’s organic makes it even better. Better than any face cloth I have ever used and gets rid of dirt without irritating your skin or being rough on it!!!


They are very soft and pleasant to touch.


These are really amazing! They leave your skin soft and take away all the dirt from the day! Surely recommend them.


Soft, delicate cloths that gently cleanse your face. Much better than using face wipes - both for you and the environment!


Lovely soft cloths

Laura Mbonazo-Nzeza

5 stars ⭐️


Very smooth fella great on skin doesn’t tug

Ester Apata

They are literally so soft and absorb all the excess water on your face. Exactly what I was looking for!


Very good product gives the face a great wash

Joshje de Goeij


Very soft and easy to wash. very gentle way to remove make up.

carolyn Martone

Great face cloths! Lovely and soft and absorbent. They are excellent at removing make up and wash well.

Nikki Van Dijk

I really like the softness of the cloths. It really give a luxery feeling!

Jacqui Simmonds

Very soft and nice to use. Appears to cleanse well even with just warm water. A cold facial rinse afterwards is leaving skin looking and feeling soft and clean.


Kate Bagshaw

Amazingly soft, love that it’s made out of bamboo

Orabelema Sekibo

So soft and do not leave any lint

Ciarra Graham

These work so well! And I love knowing the are good for the environment

Katie Pywell

Lovely and soft on my sensitive skin, and actually very good for the price since you get 3 in a pack. Now I feel too spoilt to use non-bamboo face cloths!


These face cloths feel extremely soft and soak up any access water from your face right away. No more rubbing using harsh towels for me.


Very soft, light and easy to wash!


Very nice on the skin.

Emily Rivers

These face cloths are lovely. They're super soft and really remove make up well. Plus when you follow the instructions they don't get misshapen. Would definitely recommend to anyone trying to reduce waste with cotton pads etc as they can remove eye make up well just by gentle scrubbing.


Love these!


Very soft and perfect size. I love it.

Samantha Kelly

Quick delivery, no fuss, excellent quality

Jenny Norrgård

Very soft and enjoyable on the skin

Vera Farrow

This is a repeat order for these face cloths as I am so pleased with them, so the new order (of four packs) are for presents for the family, they are really soft and lovely to use.

Laura Ulinskiene

Very soft I love it

Amanda Elson

Love this product, so soft and gentle on the face

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