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Large Organic Cotton Exfoliating Muslin Face Cloths

Vegan ✔ 365 day guarantee ✔ Cruelty-free ✔ Paraben-free ✔

    • 100% organic cotton face cloth - These Organic Muslin Cloths are made of 100% organic cotton and provide a really really DEEP cleanse
    • Washable - Completely machine washable and will last a long time.
    • Exfoliating - REALLY EXFOLIATING - These cloths are super-exfoliating.
    • Large size - 30cm x 30cm. A great size for a face cloth.

    These organic 100% muslin 30cm x 30cm organic face cloths are large and extra thick and are great for combination and really oily skin - especially when you want a really deep scrub.

  • After using gently squeeze and leave to try naturally. You can machine-wash or hand-wash this cloth.
  • 100% organic cotton.

4.69 Average

93 Reviews


Holly Rae

Lovely material, soft yet rough enough to get a good exfoliation


Angela Burgess

These are absolutely fantastic. The best muslin cloths I have ever bought. They wash up well and last a long time too. I also have them to thank for introducing me to Facetheory. They were my first ever purchase a long time ago. I was so very impressed with them it led me to checking out other products. A great find!

Filipa Vasconcelos

Very good for a fast cleaning before going to bed and great results combined with the exfoliating mask (Face Mask with Kaolin Clay, Crushed Walnut Shells and Pomegranate)

Vicky Davies

Great quality and really helps remove all of my makeup leaving my skin clean.

Karen Wales

Lovely cloths, I washed mine first as were a bit rough, but their fine now, using with the cleanser

Marie-Claire Delbrouque

Quite an abrasive material, leaves your skin feeling clean but I prefer the bamboo cloths which are a bit kinder to the skin

Claudia Roncoroni

Effective product as per description. Appropriate even for my sensitive skin.


Great cloths, good size, really good at gently but effectively cleaning my face! Great for replacing exfoliating facewash with something more natural that won't dry out your skin.

Luc Le Corre


Anita Rodgers

Really good value and feel great on your skin.

Annmarie Dannie

Very good at cleaning everything off once you’ve washed your face it’s give that extra exfoliating

Aiste Tiskeviciute

It does what it says on the tin. Great at exfoliation - removes both makeup and dead skin. Face feels exceptionally smooth afterwards, everytime. Use it a couple times a week.

Stephanie Walsh

Gail Pincott

Fantastic. Great exfoliator and totally removes all make up and grime

Jo Meredith

These clothes are quite abrasive so I don’t use them everyday but when I do I find they brighten my complexion.


These are pointless in my opinion as i would rather use an exfoliating brush

marie harper

Makes a great addition to the clarifying cleanser

Lauren Hargreaves

These cloths are great for gentle exfoliation. I like to use it with my Clarifying cleanser and they work great not too harsh.

Linda Young

Very good nice size & good to have pack of three to get them into the washing machine !

Anita Clarkson

Sarah Clement

I like that these lightly exfoliate, and the size is just right. I haven't found them harsh at all, but as the product description states, it's lightly exfoliating so if you have very sensitive skin they might not be for you.


I love these clothes very good quality and exfoliate the skin very well. I just wish they wouldn't shrink so much in the wash. It would be better to hand wash them and hang them up to dry

Keith Natasha

They are nice and large. They feel like excellent quality. I don't understand their point, to be honest.

Rose Whitehorn

lovely organic clothes, a good size and feel very nice and exfoliating on the skin.

Paulina Stronczek

I love it. I used to use sponges before but using this cloth soaked in warm water is great. Easier to clean my face of any remaining products

Jane Tecelli

I really like these Cloths. They exfoliate well but are also gentle.

Carol Robertson

Good quality cloths. Very pleased with these. Will last a long time.