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December 15, 2020

Christmas is on its way, and on a usual year, our diaries would be bursting with parties and socials. This year, not so much. We’ll be spending most, if not all, of it at home. There’s less pressure to get out, get dressed up, put your party face on.

To many of you, this may already sound like a good thing. And even if it doesn’t right now, you never know, the idea might grow on you. So, if you’re considering toning your look down completely this year, go for it! With a few tips, you can still look good without your party clothes and makeup. Your skin will thank you for it!

How to look pretty without makeup

That’s the big question. Just because you’ve decided to dress down, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good in your Christmas photos.

Experts agree that a few lifestyle factors contribute to the health of our skin. Diet, sleep stress levels, and sun damage are all in the list. You could see the lack of socialising as an opportunity to manage some of these things. I mean, Christmas is usually the time for overindulgence and stress.

But what about skincare? Another big influence on your appearance is your skincare routine. Finding the right products and regime to give your skin the ingredients it needs is the most important thing. It’s about keeping healthy inside and out.

It’s all about the eyes

There are a number of studies into what we notice first in a person, and, you’ve guessed it, eyes are one of the things that we are immediately drawn to. That explains why women, in particular, spend a lot of time and money on eye makeup and beauty products.

I don’t know about you, but our eyes are the biggest worry when going without makeup. How do you get a wide-eyed look? How do you cover up dark circles or bags? Again, this is where some hero skincare products become your best friend.

First, just remember that you deserve to feel confident regardless of whether you have a full face of makeup or not. And when it comes to practical stuff, a good night-time skincare routine will help. This is the time when our skin has time to restore and repair.

Other ways to make your eyes wider without makeup include staying hydrated, using a cooling eye mask to reduce puffiness, using eye drops, curling your eyelashes, and sticking to a healthy lifestyle. We know, it’s Christmas! it’s hard! But just a few tweaks to help you stay nourished and well-rested can go a long way.

Perfecting a flawless skin look

Everyone knows that the seasons bring their challenges when it comes to skincare. If you want a glowing complexion this Christmas, you’ll need to bear this in mind. Central heating, moving from a cold place to a warm one, hot baths and showers, all these things impact our skin.

There are a few simple actions we can all take to nourish our skin and get a flawless look, even without makeup though. Dermatologists agree that masks are a great addition to your routine, along with paying attention to the ingredients in your skincare products.

Certain ingredients like vitamin C are hailed for a whole host of benefits, from increasing elastin, giving you a fresher faced look, to reducing fine lines. While natural ingredients like green tea can act as an anti-inflammatory.

How to look less tired without makeup

We all know it, despite all our best efforts, sometimes we just look tired. Busy lives and the pressures that come with it can leave us feeling lethargic. Although your intentions this Christmas, you might still find that the change of diet and extra alcohol gives you a less of a glow and more of a ruddy cheek first thing in the morning.

To combat it without makeup, try radiance-enhancing products and skincare tips. Cleansing and moisturising are a big part of this. Add an extra step by exfoliating your skin, especially with products including actives like glycolic and salicylic acid can help you even out your complexion for an added boost. You can even choose products with natural exfoliators like jojoba, which will give you an added glow.

This, along with taking care of tired eyes, and hydrating should help you stride into Christmas confidently, with or without makeup.